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Category virtualization\orchestration
VendorProduct NameEnd of SaleEnd of SupportEnd of Ext Support
Oracle Xsigo XMS (XFM) 3.3.0 31/08/201131/08/2016N/AView
Oracle Xsigo XMS (XFM) 4.0 30/06/201230/06/2017N/AView
Microsoft Cloud Platform System N/A14/04/2020N/AView
SUSE Cloud 3 N/A27/02/2015N/AView
SUSE Cloud 4 N/A31/08/2015N/AView
VMWare Integrated OpenStack 1.0 N/A12/03/2017N/AView
VMWare vCenter Lab Manager 2.x 01/06/201204/02/2010N/AView
VMWare vCenter Lab Manager 3.x 01/06/201213/01/2011N/AView
VMWare vCenter Lab Manager 4.x 01/06/201221/05/2014N/AView
VMWare vCenter Lifecycle Manager 1.x N/A01/03/2012N/AView