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Redhat support runs through 3 production phases. Phase 1 - Full support. Phase 2 - Bugs get fixed but development slows. New hardware may be supported at RH discretion and no new software features are added. Phase 3 - This is mainly just providing security updates. Extended Support - extends phase 3 coverage. Extended life phase - This is effectively just assistance from Redhat, no updates or patches are issued to software in the extended support phase. Redhat do support older versions during the extended life phase when run as virtualised guests on a newer release of Redhat. This application tracks the end of phase 3 as end of support and end of extended life cycle support. The extended life phase may continue past the extended support cycle phase, it is best to visit Redhats support portal to get more detailed information if you are considering using the Virtualization approach to extended your products supported life.

VendorProduct NameEnd of SaleEnd of SupportEnd of Ext Support
Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 N/A31/10/201030/01/2014View
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 N/A29/02/201231/03/2017View
Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 N/A31/03/201730/11/2020View
Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 N/A30/11/202030/06/2024View
Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 N/A30/06/2024N/AView